Don't curse your calves or make excuses for them. Burn down your weaknesses and turn them into weapons with this two-pronged training approach from Kris Gethin!

Calves were once a stubborn weakness for me, as they are for millions of other people. For a long time, I made excuses for my weak calves—bad genetics, high muscle insertions, or other training priorities. But it bothered me more than I let on, so I silently hoisted more weight on my shoulders in the standing calf press than in any other lift. It didn't seem to matter, but I wasn't about to submit to normality or accept failure. I decided I would solve this riddle by dissecting my training and nutritional protocol to find and correct the fault in my lower legs.

I bought a notebook and swore that, one day, it would contain my answer. I would chart every new workout principle and exercise application, and I would train like hell, until I finally cracked the calf code. It took time and a lot of self-inflicted torture, but I eventually found my answer. It involved a technique component, but just as importantly, a significant mental shift. This is how I found both.


I started with what I had heard worked for other people. I built up to daily calf-training sessions, and experimented with partial reps, 21s, German volume, slow negatives, soleus and gastrocnemius double splits, priority training, and seemingly everything in between. No matter how I elevated time under tension or how much iron I moved, it never seemed to work.

Read on at here to learn the perfect approach to build bullish calves.

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