Day 45:Rest Day

June 21, 2018 1 min read

Welcome to our first rest day of the week. I’ve gotten my cardio checked off my list for the day, and I made sure to make time for stretching afterward.

Something I haven’t talked about yet, but should, is hunger. I thought of this today because the hunger is real today! People often ask me if I get hungry, or what I do when I’m hungry. Well, I definitely do, and some days are worse than others. It’s tough, but I know what my goal is and it matters more to me than caving and cheating on my plan.

But I do have some secrets to help me get through the hunger. One secret is Hydra-Charge, for two reasons. First, drinking water is a good way to help you feel fuller, and second, the flavors of Hydra-Charge make water a lot more enjoyable to drink. My second secret is tea. It comes in so many different flavors to mix things up—some taste like dessert! So, I like to rely on those two options to help get more fluid in, but in a tasty way.

I have a few more secrets in this video, so be sure to watch to the end. I hope they help you deal with your hunger because it’s going to happen. Focus on the end goal and know how proud you’ll be at the end of this journey.