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Day 28Rest Day

Well, that’s the official end of this training program. Congratulations on all the hard work you’ve put in for the last four weeks! I hope you really challenged yourself throughout this plan and have developed some new healthy habits in terms of nutrition.  

I’m not totally exhausted today, so I’m taking my cardio outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air with my dog. This is more of an “active recovery” day for me. I don’t want to put in a tough cardio session because my body needs the rest, but I still want to get up and move a bit, so this is perfect! If it wasn’t nice out, I would do a light walk on the treadmill instead. It’s totally great to find this balance and listen to your body each day.

Rest up and get ready for the second phase of our training plan. It’s going to bring us closer to the bikini-ready body we’ve been working for. Have a great day!

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