Today, you’ll only perform one cardio workout for 55 minutes. You’ll do this on an empty stomach shortly after you wake up. As always, you can take in your Kaged Muscle supplements. You can use PurCaf, Clean Burn, Carnitine, Hydra-Charge, BCAAs, Glutamine or any others that support your energy levels.

After your cardio, you can also consume whatever supps or food you feel will help you present your physique in its best light. You can take the photos at any time during the day, but remember you only have two days to take the photos and submit them for the Kaged Muscle contest for Project Inferno.


The Challenge is now Closed


You won’t perform a “workout” today, but you can prepare or pump up as much as you want or need for your photos. I find that this is highly individual, and you should do what makes your physique look its best.

I’ve recommended adding TVA crunches because these activate your abs and help you hold in your midsection. But you can also add in pushups, light squats, pullups or any other moves that pump blood into your muscles to display your physique to its best advantage.

Following completion of Project Inferno, I recommend you find another program to help you stay on track with your goals. You can repeat Project Inferno or try one of our other FREE trainers.


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Congratulations on completing Project Inferno. I know how difficult it was because I followed it with you. Again, I can’t wait to see your photos.


Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food

TVA crunches


Resting as little or as long as you need

The purpose of TVA crunches  today is only to activate your abs to improve their appearance in photos



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While you’ve reached the end of Project Inferno, you’ve only begun your journey as bodybuilder. If this was your first fat-loss program, then I’m sure you learned a lot about discipline and how your body responds to training with intensity when you’re consuming fewer calories. Each time you go through a diet cycle you learn more about your body. One takeaway you’ll never forget is how important quality supplements are in getting you through the rough patches on a fat-loss program, and that’s what Kaged Muscle provides.

Thanks to all of you who participated in Project Inferno! I’ll see you on my next Trainer series.


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