Day 52:Calves & Delts

I’m feeling depleted from low calories. I haven’t been sleeping all that well, so I’m really dependent on my supplements before and during my workouts. When you’re near the end of a demanding program like Project Inferno you need to make the most every tool in your arsenal. So I’m getting in my PRE-KAGED, IN-KAGED, and PurCaf every training day.

Today’s workout will use the same moves that we performed last week. It begins with calves. I’m just going to perform my two go-to exercises: standing calves raises and leg press calf presses. I perform 5 sets of each exercise for 20 reps for every set. That’s a total of 10 sets for calves. You’ll perform these with only about 30 seconds of rest between sets. Remember these are my two favorite calves moves for addressing the weaknesses in my calves, but you can substitute other exercises if you have different needs for calves development than I do.

After your calves training, you’ll move on to shoulders. The first exercise for your last shoulders workout on Project Inferno is machine shoulder presses. You’ll perform 7 sets of 10 reps for each, increasing weight as you’re able. You can go with slightly longer rest periods—up to about 60 seconds between these sets because you’re starting with a mass-building move.

I like to start with shoulder presses when I feel strong and I still have glycogen in my muscles. Military presses or any other form of shoulder presses should be your go-to for increasing mass in your shoulders. Don’t think you can start with lateral raises and build mass with an isolation move. That’s also true for front- and rear-delts raises. Save your meathead mentality for heavy pressing moves like this one.

My second shoulder move for today is incline dumbbell shoulder presses done on a low angle. You’ll drop the incline bench about 20-30 degrees, which is lower than many people go. This hits the full delts, but it puts a little more emphasis on the front ones. Still, it’s an overall mass builder, and you’ll perform 3 sets for 10-12 reps each, keeping rests to about 30 seconds between sets.

For reverse dumbbell flyes, you know I like to go super heavy and take the weight out only about a third of the way through the range of motion. And, of course, I perform extremely high reps for every set, really feeling the rear delts work throughout the set even though I’m swinging the weights. Your rear delts should be fried at the end of this.

Lateral raises target middle delts, which need intense stimulation rather than heavy weights to grow. Middle delts are fairly small muscles, and they’ll grow better with intensity techniques such as rest-pause as compared to heavy weights. Today we’re performing 10 reps followed by a 5 second rest and then 5 more reps. Then you’ll rest 5 more seconds before you finish up with 5 more reps. That’s a total of 20 reps for each of the 3 sets for this move.

The last move for today’s workout is single-arm cable front raises. This is a simple finishing move for front delts. Hold your shoulders back, and feel the contraction at the top of the movement. Go directly from one side to the other, and then continue without rest. You should be able to complete this full exercise of 3 sets for 10 reps each arm in about 3 minutes because you aren’t resting. About 2-3 seconds per rep with a contraction at the top.

That’s our last shoulder workout on Project Inferno. You may have felt depleted at the start—I did. But it’s amazing how getting into the gym and completing everything you planned makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Enjoy that feeling, and stay focused and on your diets. I’ll see you tomorrow for legs.


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Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food


STANDING CALF RAISE 5 sets x 20 reps
LEG PRESS CALF PRESS 5 sets x 20 reps
7 sets x 10 Reps
Reverse dumbbell flye
3 sets x 30 reps
Seated dumbbell lateral raise 3 sets x 10+5+5 reps 
Single-arm cable front raise 3 sets x 10 reps (Each Arm)

Post-workout cardio



Perform 40 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



Sometimes cheaters prosper. You know how much I’ve emphasized strict movement in my training, but sometimes I’ve told you that I’m cheating on an exercise. I think I’ve always provided the rationale for cheating with an exercise. You should never cheat just to lift more weight—all of your cheating should be designed to help you achieve your primary objective of increasing the growth of a particular muscle. Today, we used a high-volume cheat technique with reverse flyes for rear delts. You can cheat on other exercises when you have a good reason to do so.

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