I haven’t talked much about cardio this week because I consider it to be a given. You need to continue to perform your 55 minutes of early-morning cardio every day, and then you need to get in another 40 minutes of post-workout or late-night cardio. Don’t forget that you should only consume supplements and water before early morning cardio—no food. The goal is to burn off stored fat when your system is depleted. Getting in supplements such as Kaged Muscle’s Hydra-Charge and fermented BCAAs before and during this cardio session help keep you hydrated and protect your muscle mass, encouraging your body to tap into stored fat to fuel your moderate-paced cardio sessions. Remember that your heart rate should be between 120-140 beats per minute.

Because we’re getting close to the end of Project Inferno, I only included five weight-training workouts this week. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy week. In fact, you’re going to do a little more abs work this week as compared to previous weeks if you need it. Some of you may already be including more abs work than I perform, and that’s fine. It’s an individual choice.

My thought on abs training is that you can get much of this during your other weight-training exercises. You should be holding your core tight during every move. However, one of the advantages of performing more abs work at the end of a diet program such as Project Inferno is that it also allows you to think about how your abs look compared to the rest of your body as you’re posing. In addition, you should consider how your face looks—you don’t want to look like the guy who’s constipated on stage when you hit a pose because you haven’t learned to naturally contract your abs.

That’s what you should focus on during this abs workout and those that follow—work your abs, but consider how your face and body look as you contract your abs.

For today’s workout, I’m recommending you include hanging straight legs raises, emphasizing the crunch at the top of the move in your lower abs, and the appearance of your abs throughout each set. It’s best to watch yourself perform this exercise in a mirror if you can. To execute this move raise your legs without bending them while avoiding involving your hip flexors. You can make modification if you can’t perform this one so that you feel it in the lower portion of your rectus abdominis while maintaining a facial expression that impresses the judges. This can be neutral, intense or a smile—but it shouldn’t look like you’re struggling. Good modifications include bending your knees while raising your legs or performing either version on a Roman chair, which provides back support. Make sure to emphasize a crunch in the lower portion of your six-pack, and suck in your gut. In other words, hold your TVA muscle tight throughout the set.

The second abs exercise I recommend for this workout is standing cable abs crunches. While this is an easier move, it works your abs from the top of the rectis while hanging leg raises emphasize the lower portion. To perform this abs exercise choose a moderate weight and stand bracing your shins against the pad of a pulldown machine using a rope or other attachment that’s comfortable for you—some people like to use a triangle handle. Hold the weight behind or beside your head, and prevent your arms from working during the set. Curl your upper body down toward your hips and crunch your abs. Suck in your gut as you slowly release the weight, feeling the stretch in your abs.

At this point in Project Inferno, every abs set should be about helping you hold and better present your abs. I’ve included these exercise to help you display what you’ve already developed.


Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food

Hanging leg raises


To failure

Emphasize technique over reps

Standing abs cable crunches



Really work on holding your abs tight throughout

Post-Workout cardio



Perform 40 minutes later in the evening



Download the Workout



In addition to these abs exercises, you can perform TVA crunches when you’re in a grocery store line and other places with your arms at your sides. Get off your phone and focus on your abs when you’re this close to the end of Project Inferno or any other hardcore diet-and-training program. Gaining control of your abs when you’re depleted is crucial for taking great photos or improving your appearance on stage. TVA crunches teach your body to hold your midsection tight for longer.

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