Hey guys, we’ve been tracking our changes at the beginning of each week during Project Inferno. But because we’re getting close to the end of this program, I think it’s a good idea to shift checking these metrics to the last day of each week. Remember that your last day of this Trainer is going to be Day 56, and that’s when you want to take your final shots and post them to social media. That’s true for whatever reason you’re following Project Inferno—to compete, to get in shape for a modeling job, or just to see what your physique looks like when you follow a strict training and diet regimen.

You already know you need to perform two sets of cardio on your rest day. The first needs to be 55 minutes followed by a 40-minute cardio session several hours later. In addition, you should:

* Weigh yourself and adjust your nutrition intake.You need to know how your weight has changed since you’ve shifted your macros to 50-25-25 (protein to carbs to dietary fats). Remember that as you lose weight your metabolism slows, and it’s important to continue to cut calories to account for this. Bumping up protein while reducing carbs helps to keep up metabolism while reducing insulin release, but it can make you feel more sluggish.

* Take photos of yourself. Remember to take your selfies or posed shots from the same angles in the same lighting, wearing the same clothes as you’ve done each week. Also make sure to take them at the same time of day because your body fluctuates with times of day as well. These are not only valuable during Project Inferno, but they’re also crucial for future reference. In addition, you’ll appreciate them later in life. Take these photos and keep them.

* Emphasize supplementation to support recovery. Add KM supplements for recovery. My go-to supplements are the Micropure Whey Protein Isolate, fermented BCAAs, and fermented Glutamine. Again, in the offseason I use RE-KAGED post-workout to help with recovery; but I tend to eat whole food meals after training when I am dieting.


Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food

Post-Workout cardio



Perform 40 minutes later in the evening



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As you guys know, I seek out recovery strategies such as massage, icing on body parts that feel inflamed as well as ice baths. I also recommend that you find other strategies that help you relax and recover. This includes everything from saunas to acupuncture to meditation to Rolfing (intense site-specific massage). Kaged Muscle supplements such as Glutamine and BCAAs also hasten recovery. Emphasize the recovery techniques that work best for you.

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