Day 35:Rest Day

Now you’re in what I would call the “meat” of Project Inferno. Things are getting tougher on all fronts—you’re performing more cardio; you’re cutting calories; and you’re probably suffering. That brain-dead feeling is the sign that your body needs to rely on stored fat to fuel itself.

Still, it’s important that you get in plenty of protein and enough calories from quality foods to prevent your body from burning muscle mass.


Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food

Post-Workout cardio



Perform 40 minutes later in the evening



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Earlier, I recommend ice baths, but not every one can tolerate those—keep in mind that anyone with a bathtub and ice CAN do them. It’s not rocket science. But direct icing is always a great way to reduce inflammation to specific areas. For example, on a day when you’ve trained your quads, you can go home and while you’re having your post-workout meal, you can put ice packs on your knees to reduce inflammation in your lower quads and patella tendons. You can shift the ice higher after a minute or two. The more frequently you ice, the better. But you only need to ice for about 15-20 minute in intervals.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to ice. You can use ice pads with gel, which you can keep in your freezer. These can be molded to the body part you want to ice. Or you can use the classic bag that you add ice to. The latter tend to be colder, but it’s not about how cold or how long you ice after a certain point. The key is to send your body the external signal to get blood flowing to that area. This helps reduce inflammation and supports more efficient recovery and better muscle growth.

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