Today is quads day, and I’m starting with leg presses with my feet close together and low on the platform to target quads. The higher your feet are the more you target hamstrings; so, keep your feel low to hit quads. This is a great first move because it opens up your hips for free-weight moves like squats, which will come later in this workout.

For legs presses I start with light weights for 20-25 reps per set, increasing weight as my joints and muscles feel primed for more intense work. Remember you don’t get big legs by pressing a thousand pounds; you get big legs through high volume sets. I ramp up the weight after I get warmed up, but I still keep reps to 20-25 for all sets even if I’m pressing a thousand pounds. That’s how you get big legs—volume plus weight. Then, when the weights get heavy, I also add bands to the leg- press machine. This changes the tension throughout the range of motion, making it more challenging as you reach full extension.

My second move is squats—the first time I’ve included this basic mass builder during Project Inferno. However, I’m using a safety-squat bar to mimic a front squat. This adds more tension to the quads than traditional squats do, and it also feels a little more comfortable to me. Note that I also added occlusion bands to my legs for BFR (blood-flow restriction). This ultimately increases blood flow to my quads, the target of today’s workout. You should already know what occlusion training means: Short rest periods and relatively high reps. You’ll perform 5 sets for 12-15 reps with only 30 seconds of rest between sets with the bands cinched to about a 7 out of 10.

I keep my rep pace fairly fast during this move, and I don’t go to full extension to keep constant tension on my quads. I also place my feet fairly close together to make my quads work harder. Then I remove the bands at the end of this exercise. That’s when you get the flood of blood into your legs to promote your pump and growth.

Next up is close-stance box squats, which we also performed on Day 17. This move is a little more technical than some of the others, and it’s one of the unique ones on Project Inferno. Remember that you want to place your feet close together and a little farther forward than you do for other forms of Smith machine squats. As you rise you push your hips forward and flare your quads outward. Then you lower back to the box or bench behind you, but you don’t rest-pause—just use the box or bench as a gauge for how deep you should go for every rep so that you don’t start cheating.

One of the things I’m trying to show you in this Trainer series is how to use unique techniques and exercises. You already know the benefits of heavy squats, deadlifts and leg presses, but my goal is to demonstrate ways to amp up intensity and prevent muscle breakdown when you’re dieting.

I like to finish my quads workouts with leg extensions rather than using this exercise as a warm up. Even though I use it as  finishing move, I still go relatively light because I don’t want to put a lot of stress on my knees—I want to drive the effort into my quads. I perform sets for 20 reps each, keeping rests to 30 seconds between sets.

A lot of times you guys hear me talk about getting in Kaged Muscle supplements. That isn’t bullshit. I really needed them today, especially near the end of my workout. When you’re training to maintain muscle while dieting, you have to find the tools you need to succeed. Products such as PRE-KAGED, PurCaf and IN-KAGED are an indispensable part of my daily plan. I also add Hydra-Charge to my IN-KAGED to help replenish electrolytes while I’m sweating profusely. Never underestimate the benefits of supplementation when you’re being rigorous with your training and nutrition. That’s when Kaged Muscle supplements are going to fuckin’ help you the most.

That’s quads day, and my target muscles are fried. I feel extremely taxed because I’m on low carbs and calories. This workout was intense. I’m going to go home and eat my fish and green beans. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food


Leg Press 7 sets x 25 reps
Squats 5 sets x 12-15 reps
Smith Machine Sissy Squat 3 sets x 15 Reps
Leg Extensions 4 sets x 20 reps

Post-workout cardio



Perform 40 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



After you start your workout, don’t fucking talk to people for an hour or even 15 minutes. Don’t talk to people when you go to get a drink of water. If your goal is to look great, then treat Project Inferno like a job. You’ve got to turn off the rest of the world if you want to achieve your physique goals. You can talk to people before or after your workouts, but don’t dick around during your workouts. You can do that during your cardio if you want—it’s moderate, and you should be able to talk during your post-workout cardio at 120-140 heartbeats per minute. Just don’t stop while you’re blabbering.

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