Here’s the bad news: You still need to perform two sessions of cardio on your rest/recovery day. You’ll begin with a 50-minute session in the morning, and then you’ll follow that up with 35 minutes in the evening.

Here’s the good news. You will only increase cardio one more time on Project Inferno.

Because the cardio has increased in length, I’ve moved abs training to other days of the week. I want the last day of this week to be about cardio that’s designed to burn calories and help you recover for the upcoming week’s training. Sometimes, I’ll change that up, placing abs training on Sundays rather than Saturdays. But you can make shifts to my recommendations based on your needs.

Remember, it’s all about your lifestyle and how your body is feeling during each day of your Project Inferno.


Morning cardio



Perform 50 minutes before consuming food

Post-Workout cardio



Perform 35 minutes later in the evening



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Project Inferno can be very taxing, and it demands almost all of your free time and dedication. Still, you need to take some time for yourself. I usually use my recovery days to go to the mall with my wife or hang out with friends. You shouldn’t completely isolate yourself. Find some small ways to break up the monotony of the daily grind while you’re following Project Inferno. Get together with other people and explain the benefits of this program and how it’s helping you achieve your life goals. Who knows? Maybe others will be inspired by your commitment to seek out this or a similar program that will help them improve their lives. That’s what it’s all about.

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