Today is our second back workout of the week. We emphasized pulling on Monday (Day 22), but today we’re going to emphasize rowing moves, which I believe are more important for developing a complete back. We’re training back twice this week because I want to emphasize development of this muscle group while I’m dieting during Project Inferno.

This workout begins with single-arm machine low rows. Notice that I’m standing while I do this—that helps activate the lower lats better than if you’re sitting, and I’m trying to target the meat at the bottom of my lats. My second move is T-bar rows using a dead stop on the ground. This eliminates inertia, forcing the lats to do all of the work.

The third move is seated cable rows using an underhand grip. Today, I’m not only emphasizing rowing moves, but I’m also focused on targeting my lower lats. The underhand grip helps me pull into this portion of my lats.

My back is pretty torched at this point, but now I’m going to target the middle lats with Smith machine rows. I use an overhand grip to hit this part of the lats as well as the rhomboids.

One of the things you’re going to notice on Project Inferno is that you need to push yourself through your workouts. I often feel low energy between sets, but when I touch that bar I feel amazing. My brain wanted to go home, but my body was ready for this workout. You can rest when you’re home, but when you’re at the gym, you need to do what you need to do.


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Morning cardio



Perform 50 minutes before consuming food


Single-Arm Machine Low Rows 7 sets x 10-15 reps Each Arm
T-Bar rows with Dead Stops 6 sets x 8 reps
Underhand-grip cable rows 4 sets x 10 Reps
Smith machine rows 4 sets x 10-15 reps

Post-workout cardio



Perform 35 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



I’m starting to drag ass a little bit. That’s because my Project Inferno diet is low in carbs. I’m also focusing on white fish such as halibut and grouper for much of my whole-food protein. But these types of fish don’t contain a lot of micronutrients or dietary fats, so I’m starting to feel a little empty. That’s why it’s important to continue to get in your Kaged Muscle supplements that support energy, especially PurCaf™ Caffeine, Amino Synergy and PRE-KAGED before your workouts.

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