Day 13:Quads

My weight is still dropping, and everything’s on point. I’ve got my PRE-KAGED in, and it’s time to hit this workout. Today’s legs workout targets quads. We’ll begin this session with legs extensions. Most times for legs workouts, I start with lying legs curls because I feel that this move warms up the knees the best. Today, though, I’m targeting quads so we’ll begin with legs extensions to pre-exhaust a little bit, and we’ll get a really good pump going. Note that I also include a couple sets of one-leg extensions to really work the quads of each leg.

Next up is close-stance box squats which are performed a little differently than normal. You’ll perform this move on a Smith machine with your feet forward and close together, and you’ll come down to a seated position on a box or bench. Then you’ll pull your butt forward at the top of the movement. This version provides the advantages of box squats, hack squats and sissy squats, so it really pushes a lot of blood into your quads. Check out the video to see my form on this. Notice that I’m not completely vertical at the top of the movement even though my body is straight (I’m leaning back a little to target quads).

For legs presses, you’ll include a few of my favorite intensity techniques. First, you’ll place your feet lower on the platform with a closer stance to emphasize the outer sweep and inner adductors, and put more overall emphasis on the quads than the hamstrings. Do this for the first two sets. Then you’ll use BFR, wrapping your upper thighs with occlusion bands or wraps. Do this for the remaining sets. Finally, I add a pause of 1-2 seconds at the bottom of each rep, and that increases intensity to pump more blood.

Since we’re going light today, I’m finishing up with one of my favorite exercises for quads development—sissy squats on a hack squat machine. As you lower the weight, you come up onto your toes. At the same time your butt comes off the pad as you reach the bottom of the movement. Do these with a really light weight so you don’t put much stress on your knees—the point is to emphasize your quads. It’s going to give you a crazy pump.



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Morning cardio



Perform 40 minutes before consuming food


Leg Extensions 8 sets x 15-20 reps
One-legged extensions 2 sets x 20 reps each leg
Close-stance box squats 6 Sets x 20 Reps
Leg Press 5 set x 25-30 reps
SISSY SQUAT 2 set x 12 reps

Post-workout cardio



Perform 25 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



Your legs will recover quickly from this workout, and we’ll take up the weight next week. Moderate-paced cardio on legs days also helps promote recovery. You can do the later session right after your legs workout, or you can wait a couple hours. Your preference may vary depending on how your legs feel at the end of your weight training. Trust me that you’ll recover better when you do this later session—right after your workout or later that evening. And you’ll also stay on track with your Project Infernofat loss.

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