While your weekend days are not strictly “rest” days, you won’t train with weights on Saturdays and Sundays. Instead, you’ll perform two sessions of steady-state cardio on these days. That’s in addition to the steady-state cardio you perform on every weight-training day. So, yes, you’ll be performing 14 sets of cardio a week throughout Project Inferno.

Morning cardio



Perform 35 minutes before consuming food

Post-Workout cardio



Perform 20 minutes later in the evening



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In addition to cardio, I want you to use your rest days to help your body recover from the intense weight-training program you’re following. I’ll be providing you with recovery tips throughout this program, all of which I use to keep my body healthy throughout a strenuous exercise-and-diet program. My first recovery tip is:

ICE BATHSThese are not for the weak. It isn't easy to submerge your body or even half of your body into an ice bath for 10-15 minutes, but if you can do it you will reap the benefits. Reduced inflammation is our main objective.

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