Nicknamed “Hoss,” Fouad Abiad is one of the biggest IFBB pros pound-per-pound on the circuit, weighing a powerful 290 lb on a 5’9” frame. A former Canadian National Champion (2006), the Toronto-based Abiad has a no-nonsense approach to the sport, summed up by his motto: “sacrifice without regret.” Abiad has competed every year since earning his pro card in 2006, and won first-place trophies at the 2015 Vancouver Pro and 2015 Europa Games, Orlando. That same year, he finished runner-up in the Tampa Pro Championships.

Though he didn’t begin bodybuilding training until he was 19 years old, “Hoss” made quick progress, making a splash by winning the 2001 Windsor Cup at 22 years of age. An accomplished personal trainer, Fouad is valued for his insight on training and nutrition through his “Hosstile” one-on-one consultations and online coaching. He’s amassed an enthusiastic fan base, and he remains one of the most approachable and popular IFBB pros competing today. In 2015, Fouad successfully promoted the first-ever Fouad Abiad Championships in Mississauga, Ontario, and the show has continued to grow each year. With his hunger to compete and entrepreneurial skills, Fouad should be a driving force in the sport for years to come.


“King Nothing” by Metallica

Any song by Disturbed

Any song by DMX  


Like any heavyweight, Hoss eats big to get big. According to Fouad: “I believe in eating big to gain muscle. In the offseason, I definitely pack on the pounds in an effort to gain more muscle for the stage. When I diet, I suffer hard and get the bodyfat off, but I’m always left with a net gain of muscle from my year of hard work. I like to enjoy myself and don't hold back when it’s time to eat.” 


Fouad’s approach to training is all about intensity and pushing his body to the max. “I am known to not have an off switch,” he says. “I go pass the limit of what my body can do—so much so that I have had a few major injuries, but it’s the only way I know how to train. To me not pushing my body to places it doesn't want to go isn't any fun. I don't go to the gym just to go through the motions. I am always trying to push myself harder than the last time.”