Day 35:Active Rest Day

January 27, 2017 1 min read

As your body fat levels begin to fall, you might find that your body takes a little longer to recover. Energy and memory might also suffer, but you’ve just got to suck that up. I’ve been trialing KAGED MUSCLE’s latest version of a natural testosterone booster, which we aim to release in 2017. Having created 7 different versions of it, I think we’re on to the actual product we’ll launch. My blood tests are showing that my testosterone levels are better than ever, even on a calorie-restricted diet, and I certainly don’t feel as though my testosterone is starved, if you know what I mean!

Right, we’ve got some alterations to make to the diet for the coming week to keep this evolution happening. Protein remains at 1.23 g per pound of body weight, but your carbohydrates change to 0.76 g per pound of body weight for training days and 0.68 g per pound of body weight for rest days. This is going to help create more of an energy deficit to strip off the most stubborn fat cells in your body.