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DAY 16Chest & Shoulders

Right about now you should be feeling hungry for these results because you’ve done this long enough to gain momentum. Be mindful that every workout counts toward your end result, so keep pushing yourself to the limit.

In today’s chest and shoulder workout, there are a lot of unconventional exercises included, which are going to make your muscles work in a way they’ve never had to before.Tag me in your socials using #HardcoreTrainer2 and let me know if you liked the exercises.

Let’s get to it! 



Morning Cardio - 30 Minutes

Chest & Shoulders Workout


1. Incline Dumbbell Fly & Press Combo
3 Sets x 20* Reps
chest-fly-press-a chest-fly-press-b
chest-fly-press-c chest-fly-press-d
*Start by performing an incline dumbbell fly, pausing at the end of the movement. Bend your elbows to lower the weight toward the chest, then extend your arms to press the weight back to the starting position. That’s one rep each exercise, for a total of two reps. Repeat for reps.
- 60 seconds of rest between sets


Superset (3 Sets)

2a. Incline Close-grip Dumbbell Press
10 reps
incline-close-grip-dumbbell-press-a incline-close-grip-dumbbell-press-b
2b. Incline Dumbbell Press
10 reps
incline-db-press-a incline-db-press-b
- 60 seconds of rest between supersets.


Superset (3 Sets)

3a. Rollout Fly
10 reps
chest-rollout-a chest-rollout-b
3b. Pushups
10 reps
pushup-a pushup-b
Perform 10 reps of rollout flyes. Then, keeping your hands balanced on the bars, immediately do 10 pushups.
- 60 seconds of rest between supersets.


4. Smith Machine Weighted Pushups
3 Sets x 20 reps*
weighted-smith-machine-pushup-a weighted-smith-machine-pushup-b
*Perform the first 10 reps of weighted pushups, then remove the bar and do another 10 reps using bodyweight only.
- 60 seconds of rest between supersets.



5. Smith Machine Close-Grip Press
3 x 10/10* Reps
smith-machine-close-grip-press-a smith-machine-close-grip-press-a
*Exercise is performed holding the end of the Smith Machine bar. All 3 sets are drop sets. Perform 10 reps, then reduce the weight and complete another 10 reps.
- 60 seconds of rest between sets.


6. Squat Press Shoulder Press
3 Sets x 10/10 reps* Reps
squat-press-shoulder-press-a squat-press-shoulder-press-b
*All 3 sets are drop sets. Perform 10 reps, then reduce the weight and complete another 10 reps.
- 60 seconds of rest between sets.


7. Single-Arm Landmine Shoulder Press
3 Sets x 20 Reps Each Arm
single-arm-landmine-press-a single-arm-landmine-press-b
- 60 seconds of rest between sets.


Superset x 3

8a. Single-Arm Bent Over Rear Delt
10-12 reps
single-arm-rear-delt-raise-a single-arm-rear-delt-raise-b
8b. Leg Extension Single-Arm Rear Delt Raise
10-12 reps
leg-extension-rear-delt-raise-a leg-extension-rear-delt-raise-b
- 60 seconds of rest between supersets.


Evening Cardio - 30 Minutes

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